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AIB- Asbestos insulating board – how can you recognise it

Located in buildings in wall panels, ceiling tiles & plasterboard. It is challenging to identify the difference between AIB – asbestos insulating board items and non-asbestos materials to an untrained person. The Downwell Group recommend that you have a survey carried out by a trained asbestos surveyor to identify AIB.

Inner City Environmental can provide this service and removal.

Work on all types of asbestos can be dangerous. 

However, some short-duration work (less than one hour for one person in seven days, but not exceeding two hours spent by all workers) for minor tasks on removal of AIB can be by non-licensed workers who have had appropriate training

Removal of AIB for a short duration for demolition is notifiable.

Work exceeding more than one hour for one person in seven days, or more than two hours by all workers will require a licensed contractor to remove the AIB.

The HSE Asbestos essentials include several downloadable task sheets. These show you how to carry out non-licensed work on AIB safely.

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