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The deconstruction of a famous panel system building in Surrey

The building is of architectural interest because of Richard Rogers unique design. It is constructed of concrete panels with a fibre glass infill both sides filled with polystyrene insulation. The panels are hung by fixings onto a steel frame. More detailed information can be found in the two attached documents showing the original drawings.

Pitwood Park

Pitwood unbolted

The Deconstruction

Because of this we are deconstructing the building by removing the fixings and lifting the panels away from the metal frame.

The foam infill breaking away from the panels was the main concern on this project if demolished conventionally.

The site is located on a large housing estate and next to a mainline railway. Downwell carried out some community liaison work prior to the deconstruction taking place.

Due to the architectural importance of this building two of the panels are being removed carefully and going to the V&A museum.

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