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Demolition advice

As a demolition contractor we get a large amount of enquiries asking us to price demolition work. We are always happy to look at a projects but before we visit site will always ask our clients to provide us with as much information as they can.

Unfortunately demolishing a building is not like purchasing widgets and there are a number of things we need to know in order to give you the best possible price. They are as follows:

Asbestos – Has the property had a demolition survey

Buildings built before 2000 are likely to contain Asbestos Containing Materials and will need to have a refurbishment and demolition survey which Downwell  can arrange for you. The HSE provide a lot of information which you will find useful click here. Commercial buildings should have an asbestos register but they will still need a refurbishment and demolition survey.

If there is Asbestos present we can arrange for this work to be carried out through our Downwell Group Company Inner City Environmental

Have you got planning permission?

Demolition requires Planning Permission from your local planning office.

Has the property got a party (shared) wall

An agreement will need to be made for insurance purposes in the event of any structural damage occurring during the demolition. We will ensure that provision is made to protect any party wall but cannot accept responsibility should damage occur.

Service disconnections

Are there any services to be disconnected?

We cannot demolish a property if electric, water or gas services are still connected.

You will need to contact your energy supplier to arrange this. We can do this for you but will charge to do this.

What is access to the building like?

Does it have plenty of space around it or is it in an area with restricted access?  Access to a building is very important factor in the costing and will affect the method we use to demolish the building.

Removing foundations

Do you want all the foundations removed, or do you want it demolished down to the Concrete Slab.

Contact us for demolition advice

For complete demolition advice please consider the above and contact us on 01708 932 300 or email our Business Development Manager Alan Knight We are happy to visit site  at pre tender stage to discuss the project with you and provide you with budget prices.


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