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The Demolition Challenge 2022.

Following on from our very successful ‘Demolition Challenge’ at the Gascoigne School at the beginning of December we are now inviting Primary Schools to participate. The idea of the challenge is to educate young people about¬†demolition and its role in recycling. The challenge is a fun game using radio controlled excavators. The idea of the game is to knock down a structure made of wooden blocks and transport the resultant materials to a recycling centre to score points.

How the challenge works

Each game lasts between 5-6 minutes and three young people can play at the same time with 5 minutes between each game to allow for swapping batteries and recording scores.

We show a video of our demolition work and a short talk on recycling before the game starts.

Ideally we like to work with groups of children of up to 12 at a time.

We need an area of about 3m x 4m to work in.


We give prizes of book tokens to the pupils in each group scoring the two highest scores in each game.

Photo Permission

We do ask for a photo release form to be sent to parents as we like to use photos and video where possible.

Contact Us

If you are interested in participating please contact

or Telephone 01708 932 300



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