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As fully Accredited NFDC Demolition Contractors who place great importance on the Training of its workforce our Commercial Director Sarah Clark and Training Manager Taylor Yates were delighted to attend this event.

A variety of subjects were discussed but the one that Sarah felt was very important was the subject of NVQ’s.  She firmly believes it is up to the management within Demolition Contractors to take the time and fully explain the requirements that are needed to their opeartives.

The most common barrier she has come across is that the operatives are scared of failure, this is because they are under the impression they have to sit a written exam. However, this is not the case and once she explains the steps required to achieve an NVQ they are happy to sign up. An NVQ predominatly is evidence gathering which can be done on a day in day out basis. It involves an accessor coming to site to observe their  machine work etc and some general questions.

At Downwell our aim is to encourage all our operatives and to make them believe in their capabilities.

Sarah would like to thank all the staff at the NTDG for their hospitality and it was a good chance to network with other Contractors and of course the hard working NTDG staff.

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