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These scenarios  involved breaching doors and windows using a variety of methods and pieces of equipment, which included some rather substantial solid steel doors, rescuing injured personnel from external windows on upper floors and freeing a chained up protester from the bottom of a makeshift shaft.

Police Sergeant Roy Brewer along with his colleague Police Constable Elaine Silvestro, who were conducting the training for some 16 officers explained to us the importance of using a variety of different training grounds. Sargent Brewer said;

“ We are constantly on the look out for new and varied training facilities. We stumbled across the site whilst visiting the area and asked Downwell Demolition to use the facility. Its highly important to recreate these training drills in different environments and locations as it is more representative of a real world incident that we would be called into” Roy went onto say; “The 2 days of training have been a great success. We are always looking for training facilities to use throughout the London Boroughs and would very much appreciate if you or any other contractors can get in touch if you have an empty building that we can use”

Sergeant Brewer has asked that if anyone can help in providing any empty buildings to use for training they can contact him or Elaine via email on and .

It’s the least we could do to help support the teams of police that protect us in and around London on a daily basis and not only the police also are currently attempting to get the London Fire Brigade on the same site so that they can conduct similar training scenarios. #helpkeeplondonsafe

Downwell Demolition are always pleased to help the Emergency Services in any way we can.

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