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Charity Donations

Downwell Demolition contacted Thurrock based ‘Sanctuary Supported Living’ who provide services for expectant mothers and young parents with accommodation, training and work opportunities. We spoke to support worker Deborah Rees who jumped at the chance to receive some of these.

We got the same reaction from the Thurrock Foodbank based in Corringham.

So Alan Knight and Matthew High bagged up some bags of goodies and delivered them to the two charities.

Both Charities were very grateful and we know that they are going to be used by people who really need them. Mandy Monk of Sanctuary had an immediate need for some of the stock as she had to make up a hospital pack for an expectant mother and before our visit was wondering where she would get the funding to do this.

If you would like more information on Sanctuary Supported Living contact

or for the Thurrock Foodbank

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