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Face fitting tests

In demolition, our operatives must always wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE). All RPE must protect anyone wearing it. If the mask does not fit correctly, it will leak and therefore, not be suitable for the purpose. People faces are all different, so one type of mask does not fit everyone. Consequently, we have trained personnel that carry out face fitting tests for all our operatives, and a record is kept.

Guidance on respiratory protective equipment (RPE) fit testing INDG479

Face fitting test records

Downwell has a permanent workforce, so we keep records for all our operatives on the types of mask that they have had tests for.

Face fitting test kits and involves wearing a hood. The person tested is subject to a taste test before and after the mask is fitted to the person

Face fitting test demonstration

Click here for a demonstration

Facial hair

For the mask to be effective, air must is must be sucked into the filter. This is why the seal around the face has to be effective so that dirty air is stopped inhaled. The fit must be right every time, so wearing the same mask type consistently is essential.

Being clean-shaven is essential for a good fit. The presence of facial hair, stubble and beards will cause the mask to leak.

If there are religious reasons for someone having a beard, there are alternative forms of RPE. These are usually full-face masks.

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Coronavirus guidance

With the current Coronavirus situation wearing masks has become an important issue for not just the Construction Industry. Guidance by the government can be found here.

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