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Demolition in Barking

If you go down to Barking these days, you will see construction work everywhere as regeneration takes place on the famous Gascoigne Estate.

The 1960s Gascoigne estate, situated between central Barking and the A13, was once widely regarded as one of the borough’s least desirable addresses and originally consisted primarily of 17 high-rise blocks. In the early 21st century the Council devoted considerable effort to make improvements to the estate, as part of the overall regeneration of Barking town centre.

As is the case with a lot of similar estates, plans were put in place to redevelop the estate, which meant lots of demolition and construction.

The Tower Blocks were predominantly panel system buildings which have to be demolished using the deconstruction method. Initially, one of them we believe was taken down by high reach, but given the closeness of other buildings, this was deemed unsuitable by the Council.

The estate also had a lot of low rise blocks. Downwell is working with our client Wates close to Barking Creek on some of these blocks.

Work is progressing to the programme as you can see by the above pictures. Dust and noise monitoring are critical due to the closeness of the adjacent buildings as well as scaffolding protection.

Both Inner City Scaffolding and Inner City Environmental have carried out supporting works on this project.

We are delighted to be working with Wates in Barking and Dagenham after completing our first project in Havering for them.

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