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Industrial demolition

It’s no secret that Industrial buildings can pose challenges where contamination and hazardous materials are often present in the buildings or in the surrounding land.

In conjunction with our sister company Inner City Environmental and remediation partners, we can remove, treat and dispose of contaminated materials and asbestos. Downwell is currently working on a large remediation project in East London where contaminated soil is being removed, cleaned, and put back into the ground. The work also included removing fly tipping and underground obstructions.

The majority of older industrial buildings still have asbestos cement roof sheets. These sheets are sprayed, unbolted, and wrapped before removal. There are other methods we can use to remove the sheets subject to the site location.

The buildings contain old machinery; we can provide decommissioning and dismantling services. Commonly, ACMs are also present within old machinery and equipment. 

In cases where a building has been empty for some time and been heavily fly-tipped, home to drug users, and infested by pigeons, we can provide cleaning and removal services.

Example Industrial Demolition Projects

Please follow these links to a small selection of industrial demolition projects that we have completed

Project 1 – Link
Project 2 – Link
Project 3 – Link
Project 4 – Link
Project 5 – Link

If you would like us to tender for your next industrial demolition project in London and the South East email 
Tel: 01708 932300



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