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Where to find information on what you can and cannot do when it comes to Asbestos.

When it comes to finding information and advice on asbestos, many people outside the demolition industry probably do not even realise the real dangers of getting involved in removing asbestos.

Asbestos kills up to 5000 people per year, and up to 20 construction workers die from exposure in the past.

In the home, asbestos-containing materials could be present without you realising. It may be especially relevant to homes built before 2000. After 2000 laws asbestos-containing materials in construction were banned. However, it is always advisable to check if in doubt.

The most common asbestos people will encounter will probably be garage roofs, asbestos guttering, fire insulation, pipe insulation, floor coverings,  Artex and wall coverings to name but a few. These are not dangerous, providing they are not disturbed. Disturbance means drilling, rubbing down, scraping and removal.

You must always seek the advice of an asbestos professional. At Inner City Environmentalour experts will be able to guide you.

We can arrange asbestos surveys or have a chat with you and advise the best way forward.

One of the best resources for information is the Asbestos Essentials website at

This site provides invaluable information on all the issues relating to asbestos, including videos which you can download.

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