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Tower Block Demolition – Progress Update

Following weeks of bad weather caused by the storms blowing in from the Atlantic the winds have now died down and the plant has been lifted onto the roof at Sutton Point. This had been delayed for some weeks due to the inability to finish encapsulating the building with scaffold and the winds being above the permitted limits for the crane.

Over the last 2 weeks, with the winds gone away at last the scaffold has been able to be continue to be erected and the sections of Monarflex completed.

Tuesday of this week saw the first of the plant to be used to bring down the building being lifted up onto the roof of the building. This plant included 2 x excavators and a Bobcat for clearing away the arisings. The demolition of the building started with clearing all of the air conditioning units and a large quantity of aggregate that was covering the roof.

The project is programmed to be completed in mid June 2016.

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