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Rail Demolition Norwich

We were appointed by Volker Fitzpatrick to complete a project for them during a 75 hour possession over the August bank Holiday.  The project was a brick arch spanning Long John Hill, Norwich. You were unable to pass under the bridge for some time as the bridge had been deemed structural unsound for vehicles to pass under. In order to keep the trains running above, the archway had to be filled with a large propping detail.

Volker Fitzpatrick had been on site for several months leading up to Bank Holiday as they were constructing a new concrete bridge, just a few metres away from where the crumbling one sat.

We started the first shift at 08:00 with small excavators moving onto the top of the bridge to start digging the soil from against the abutments. This soil was stockpiled on site so that it could be used once the new bridge was installed. The team started demolishing the bridge with 20t excavators with munching attachments working from the street, on either side of the bridge.  The 2 machines munched through the brickwork of the arch, progressively pulling out the props as they went. They met in the middle of the bridge just over 1 hour later. All of the masonry arisings were cleared from site for recycling at a local waste facility.

The night shift then started which involved trimming up the edges by hand down to the required finish line.  The new concrete bridge was then gradually manoeuvred into its new position. The voids around the bridge were then backfilled and compacted before the finally having the tracks and overhead cables being reinstated.

The project was completed without issue and well within the programme. We would like to congratulate the project team that planned and completed the project without any issues.

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