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Quay House

Quay House

Project Name: Quay House
Client: Firethorn Trust
Value: £350,000

Global: The site was occupied by an empty 1980’s office building, and situated in close proximity to Canary Wharf and Heron Quay’s LUL and DLR stations. It was bounded by Admirals Way, Marsh Wall, and South Quay Walk, with the elevated DLR track running directly over the site.

Specific: Demolition of the existing building including Scaffold and Asbestos Removal

Challenges: One section of the building was no more than 2 metres from DLR infrastructure and as such there was a specific requirement to engage in extensive pre-construction talks with TfL/DLR, to ensure that our scaffold installation/removal, and our proposed demolition sequencing, would not interfere with the safe operation of the track. To further reinforce the need for constant diligence throughout the project we delivered daily task briefings to TfL staff and the Downwell Group delivery team, to ensure that all parties were aware of their responsibilities to deliver the works in a safe manner, and more so that they understood all procedures that must be complied with should there be an incident.  Compliance with the exacting standards demanded by TfL/DLR has most definitely enhanced the skill sets of the project staff, with the learnings now included as part of tool-box talks and site briefings across all Downwell sites.

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