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We were recently approached by the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (PWRR) to ask for our help with a very special project they were planning. They are working on building a memorial wall to commemorate all of the service men and women that have served for them and to also represent the many countries that they have served in.  This wall is to go pride of place at their Leros Barracks. The idea of using the bricks from Howe Barracks to make the wall was of WO2 Dave Simpson and Captain NT Neil Osborne of the 3rd Battalion. Neil said ” We pass by all the time and thought we would ask to see if we could acquire some of the reclaimed bricks to include in the memorial wall. Using the bricks from the former Howe Barracks rather than using  brand new bricks makes perfect sense as there is a lot of history in those bricks.”

The 3500 bricks needed to make the wall are to be taken from the former cook house and training wing of the old barracks. Once the bricks have been demolished from the building they will need to be cleaned. The reclamation company (T.Caudwell) who are reclaiming a lot of the tiles and bricks from the site have agreed to clean and palletise the bricks free of charge.

The construction of the wall is to take place over the next 12 months as there is still some fund raising to do for the rest of the materials. Lots of other companies have donated materials and there is a just giving page set up to help raise the funds. The page has already raised over £4200 from over 100 donors. In addition to this there has been over £10,000 in direct donations. If you wish to contribute toward the memorial wall then you can do so via Just Giving or you can give direct donations via The Tigers email address. All your donations will be greatly received. Alternatively if you or you know anyone who can donate some building materials then please contact Captain Neil Osborne on

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