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The Section 80 Demolition Notice – all you need to know

A Section 80 Demolition Notice is also known as the notice of intended demolition. In short, this means that when there is the intention to demolish a building or indeed part of a building, the owner will need to let the Local Authority that they intend to do so before the demolition is carried out.

There are three exemptions to this:

  • Section 80 does not need to be submitted for a shed, greenhouse, conservatory, prefabricated garage, or any building of less than 1,750 cubic feet.
  • Section 80 does not need to be submitted for an agricultural building, as stated in Schedule 5 – Local Government Finance Act 1988 unless it is attached to another non-agricultural building.
  • Section 80 will not be required if the demolition is because of a demolition order.

Demolition Notice? – Submitting

A Section 80 Demolition Notice, will need to applied for in writing to the Local Authority. It needs to specify the building you are intending to demolish and what is the scope of works that will be carried out.

The Section 80 needs also to be sent to adjacent buildings, the National Grid, and the relevant Electricity Board that provides power to the building.

You may be required to get planning permission or prior approval for the building at the same time.

How long does it take for a Section 80 Demolition Notice?

Once you have sent the Section 80 to the relevant Local Authority, you will need to wait for approval time before you can start work on the demolition. It can take up to six weeks and this could delay the works.

The Local Authority could serve a Counter Notice under Section 81 of the Building Act 1984, meaning that any demolition work will need to be suspended until specific works have been completed.

The Counter Notice may need you to:

  • Prop up any building next to the property marked for demolition.
  • Weatherproofing any surfaces exposed to the adjacent building caused by the demolition.
  • Reinsate any damage that has been caused to an adjacent building by the demolition works.
  • Remove all waste materials from the demolition work.
  • Disconnect sewers and drains under the building that is to be demolished.
  • If any sewers or drains are grubbed up, the remaining connections should be sealed.
  • Make good the ground surface disturbed by sewer or drain removal and sealing.
  • Ensure that the necessary utilities companies have been appointed to disconnect gas, electricity and water.

If your Local Authority does not issue a Section 81 Notice, the demolition can start after six weeks.  

We can help

If you have a building you need demolished and do not have time to go through all the paperwork yourself. Downwell can provide a wide range of demolition services including submitting section 80’s.

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