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The dangers of Artex

As a Demolition Contractor we come across a lot of buildings that contain Artex and it will have been surveyed as part a demolition and refurbishment survey. If there is no survey will arrange for one to be carried out.

Our advice

It is of paramount importance to ensure if you have any Artex in your building or home that it has been tested before any refurbishment work or demolition can take place.

Artex is very dangerous when in powder form, which will be the result of any scraping, sanding or subject to drilling operations. By doing this it exposes people to microscopic asbestos fibres.

It is still also relevant to non-asbestos containing asbestos, and PP3 dust masks and protective clothing must is worn.

We strongly recommend that everyone has an asbestos survey if you are planning to demolish or carry out work to a commercial building or property. We can arrange this for you through our group company Inner City Environmental. The surveyor will wear protective clothing and masks.

Removal of asbestos-containing Artex is covered by the UK’s Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, although in some cases this work falls within exemptions to the licensing requirements and so does not always require the use of a licensed contractor.

However, we would always recommend you employ a professional to carry out this work.

In the United Kingdom, once removed, Artex and any other substance containing asbestos must always be removed as hazardous waste.

If the coating is left alone and coated with paint and undamaged, it may be safe to leave the surface in place and managed in situ by annual inspections. A survey will determine if it is safe to leave.

The Downwell Group can provide advice on all aspects of asbestos removal through Inner City Environmental Tel: 01322 273517

For advice on all asbestos containing materials visit Asbestos Essentials

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